Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Hospital


The consultation room is the first place where the animal is reviewed, vaccinated, cured... Ours are widely prepared to make our patients and owners comfortable while we work to improve the health of your pet.


If an animal requires constant professional observation and/or personalized care, this room will be important. The room is equipped to ensure the health of the animals admitted. For us animals in hospital are very important and we devote the best efforts to make them feel very well looked after by reducing stress and ensuring a rapid and positive recovery.

Hospitalization rooms for dogs and cats

Dogs: To ensure the best possible recovery of your dog we have a separate room just for them. The goal of this room is to reduce stress hence promoting a faster recovery. It has specific equipment for them, that way they receive the personalized and newest therapies they deserve.

Cats: We are aware that bringing your cat to a veterinary clinic can be stressful both for the cat and the owner. For this reason, we have a hospitalization room only for cats. That way we can provide them the constant professional observation and/or personalized medical care they need and deserve. In Also, this room is fully equipped to give them the best care possible while they are hospitalized and to reduce their stress.


We have extensive experience in surgery with a sterile operating room fully equipped to ensure the best results for your pet.

Lab room

Our fully fledged diagnostics and treatment equipment ensures a fast and precise diagnostic and treatment for your pet.

Sophisticated radiography equipment and ultrasound stations

Along with the lab equipment to see images of what happens inside your pet and facilitate decisions, we have sophisticated radiography equipment and ultrasound stations.